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We are pleased to have PCCS as our mail handling agent at FRA Airport. From day one of our cooperation, we have received high levels of efficiency and professionalism in the service as well as an active and open dialogue on customer and handling requirements creating fewer touchpoints and fast processing times! All the handling staff and management team are producing the very best work while caring for us, as one of their customers, like family. We step together to a future where many fantastic opportunities lie ahead.

Croatia Airlines

Our cooperation started this day in April 2017 and has been fruitfully developing to full cooperation in mail handling in Frankfurt airport all this five years! We started with rather small volumes, which you supported with your open heart, and now have reached dozens of tons of mail monthly. Your mail handling in FRA is outstanding, and that is why we have an opportunity to develop rather complex mail handling projects: direct transshipment for mail in between our different airline partners, mail handling for trucks and land2air projects. And it is a success! Let me also assure, that all of our partner airlines are in the same appreciation to PCCS, as our company, due to your constant determination to do mail handling in FRA in the best possible levels! Your people, which I have an honor to cooperate directly and all the others who makes mail handling within PCCS, is constantly showing a high level of professionalism and personal attitude to such important tasks as to handle letter and parcels of people.

Airmail Ltd.

As a long-term customer, Cathay Pacific Cargo in Frankfurt appreciates the business relation with PCCS, driven by very good performance ratings; flexibility and an always open mind by “can-do-spirit” attitude.

Cathay Pacific Cargo